Technical supervision

Technical supervision

Technical supervision

Supervision of building construction

Supervision of the construction of the building on the mass by the developer (the customer), the purpose whereof is to control compliance with the requirements of the building design, construction contract (when construction is performed by contract agreement), other laws and regulation. Maintenance is mandatory regardless of funding sources and forms of ownership, for structures that do not require building permit.
The main functions of technical supervision of the construction of the building:

  • check that the construction works are carried out in accordance with the design of the building;
  • controlling the normative quality of construction work and the consistency of their performance in accordance with the work technology;
  • checking the quality of construction products and machinery used in construction, as specified in the documentation of conformity, for meeting the requirements specified in the technical specifications of the building project;
  • participation in the testing of utility networks, engineering systems, equipment, structures and signing off their acceptance acts;
  • verification that the volumes of work specified in the construction work documentation are in line with the actual work;
  • signing (endorsement) of the submitted work completion documents only when the construction work amounts indicated therein correspond to the actual quantities, the performed construction work comply with the normative quality requirements of the building;
  • together with the contractor prepare the documents necessary to complete the construction.

Building technical supervision

The purpose of the technical supervision of the building is to ensure the compliance with essential requirements of the building laid down by the Law on Construction and the Technical Regulations of Construction during the economically reasonable lifetime of the building.

A user of a construction works shall organise technical maintenance of a construction works by assigning a technical supervisor of a construction works with or without a contract. Technical maintenance of a construction works shall consist of:

  • Continuous monitoring of the building condition;
  • periodic and specialised inspections of the structure;
  • elimination of the faults of the condition of a construction works noticed;
  • organisation of repair (simple or major).

Continuous monitoring in tales visual inspections of the main structures of the building, reporting of any defects observed, dangers of accidents or collapse and providing for the measures for their elimination, checking the condition of the fire safety equipment and measures, sanitary condition of the premises and environment. Periodic and specialised inspections of buildings include: annual inspection of the building, its individual structures and utility equipment after the end of the winter season (taking into account the peculiarities of use of the structure and before the start of the winter season). Extraordinary inspections carried out after natural disasters (fires, storms, hurricanes, explosions, etc.) concerning the danger of collapse of the building or its structures and other phenomena that lead to dangerous deformations of structures, as well as in case of the change of user or technical supervisor of the building. Assessment of the condition of the building during continuous monitoring and surveys are described and recorded in the documentation.

Here, construction supervision services are covered by compulsory civil liability insurance.