Accredited building tightness tests

Accredited building tightness tests

Building tightness tests

  • Accredited laboratory
  • Blower door test for buildings
  • Commercial duct tests
  • Air handling units leakage testing
  • No intermediaries
  • More than 2,000 tests have been conducted in buildings with the areas ranging from 40 m3 to 300,000 m3
  • International tightness certificate
  • Work carried out by certified construction engineers
  • Long-term experience

Building tightness levels are becoming an increasingly important factor in construction. In order to operate buildings cost effectively, high thermal resistance of enclosures will not suffice, – you must have tight enclosures is well.

The building tightness test – simple, quick, clear

The building tightness test will allow everyone to understand the value of building or construction work. This test will show you if you are not overpaying for the house you are buying, or whether the construction work complies with the agreed price and quality requirements. The cost of this test will pay you back after the first or second month of heating, and you will continue saving later on. After all, none of us wants to pay for something which is not worth it.

Also, STR 2013.05.01:2013 “Building Energy Performance Design” which defines the level of tightness of new buildings, has entered into force from 2013-12-18. From STR 2.05.01:2013:

Buildings (parts thereof) of energy performance classes C, B, A, A+ or A++ must be so designed that their tightness, measured in accordance with LST EN 13829:2002 “Thermal performance of buildings. Determination of Specific Airflow Rate in Buildings. Pressure difference method” (modified ISO 9972:1996) [5.15] sets the requirements at a pressure difference of 50 Pa between the interior and exterior of the building which must not exceed the air exchange values given in Table 10.

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