Energy performance modelling

Energy performance modelling

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Energy performance modelling

We are perhaps the first to start offering this service in Lithuania. We continue to improve it. We perform only detailed modelling of energy performance of newly designed buildings. The service is mainly used for designers and builders of structures. Where are useful for designers as we help to ensure the required energy performance class of designed buildings. We are useful for builders because our thorough calculations allow cost saving use of materials eliminating their excessive use as well as purchases of excessively powerful engineering equipment and machinery.
The service includes:

  • Initial assessment of design solutions;
  • Selection of specific thermal insulation materials;
  • Selection of minimum technical characteristics of engineering equipment;
  • Optimal and feasible selection of building tightness;
  • Comprehensive and fully informative calculation of thermal bridges with professional software;
  • Dynamic modelling of the building;
  • Energy modelling in accordance with the principle of “what if”;
  • Intermediate checks during the construction process.
  • The service is provided to both individual customers and large developers.

Calculation of thermal bridges

One of the components of energy performance modelling is the calculation and design of thermal bridges for building units. Our professional software allows for various detailed calculations of thermal bridges in the structures including complete lists of materials, dimensions, isotherms, and heat flow direction. We also offer calculations of moisture accumulation in the structure. This allows to learn whether the structure has been designed in accordance with the laws of physics and is unlikely to be subjected to frost and mold in the future. Below is an example with the calculation of the thermal bridge of one unit.

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