Building sealing, consulting

Building sealing, consulting

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Building sealing, consulting

  • What sealants should be used
  • Which sealing strips are suitable
  • Should blocks be plastered from outside
  • Do non-tight sockets lead to the poor tightness result
  • Do non-tight windows lead to the poor tightness result
  • Are the OSB board, or macroflex suitable for sealing
  • Maybe you are accused of breaking a tightness shell

        We will answer all your questions!

After many thousands of tightness tests and a wealth of period is, our company is well positioned to provide services for the correct sealing and installation of buildings and structures. Our test send information will help you get rid of improper practices, false beliefs about the tightness of buildings. With our knowledge you will no longer have to carry out excess work or even assume unnecessary warranty obligations.

The service is especially useful for:

  • Construction supervisors;
  • Construction managers;
  • Construction technical supervision managers;
  • Designers.
  • Architects and constructors.

Our tips have were developed after thousands of different tightness tests, ranging from little homes from 200 m3 to the structures of over 100,000 m3.