Integrity test

Integrity test

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Integrity test

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Water-based fire extinguishing systems only provide primary fire extinguishing by sacrificing the property is that the premises. Archives, servers, data centres, exhibits, cable channels, other expensive assets and engineering in buildings are destroyed or damaged by water. For this reason, a need for gas extinguishing systems has emerged. In order to ensure the efficiency of such gas extinguishing systems, in-house systems testing and modelling are required.

The Integrity test determines the tightness of the room, the area of leakage, the possible time of gas concentration retention, the peak pressure, and the effectiveness of safety valves. In the case of unacceptable results, all leaks are detected with a smoke generator, thermovision or ultrasound, and a recommendations for rectification of defects str made.

This test is carried out only by certified technicians using calibrated equipment as well as by an accredited laboratory.

Our specialists not only carry out the tests, but also consult at the design stage of such premises.

Services are performed in accordance with NFPA and ISO standards.